CMK Referendum campaign off to great start

CMK Referendum Campaign Kicks Off

A CMK referendum is on course to make history, writes MK News 13 April 2015.

On Monday local residents gathered at The Point – ‘once the beacon of the future’ – to mark the start of a ‘Vote Yes’ campaign in favour of an ambitious new plan for the future of Central Milton Keynes.

The CMK Business Neighbourhood Plan – a 120 page document – is the first of its kind in the country to go to referendum.

The Yes Campaign is run by a group of local people with no previous ‘campaign’ experience looking to “ensure Central Milton Keynes becomes a much more interesting and dynamic place.”

Read the MK News Article.

About the CMK Business Neighbourhood Plan

With 120 acres of land for development between the busy railway station and the far end of Campbell Park it’s vital to have an overall vision and joined-up plan. For the next 15 years the plan proposes to:

  • Expand and improve the retail offer with more variety and flexibility
  • Build more offices and commercial premises to attract new jobs
  • Reserve key sites for major opportunities, such as a university or major new HQ
  • Complete almost 5,000 new homes
  • Improve CMK’s social, sporting and cultural life with new facilities.

The ambition is to make Central Milton Keynes by 2026:

  • One of Britain’s most accessible city centres; a pioneer in sustainable, convenient transport for all
  • The home of an innovative university, encouraging new business ventures
  • A lively, safe, welcoming place, with a vibrant commercial and civic life
  • A confident, prestigious city centre, proud of its bold, original and innovative urban design
  • A truly green city, with a healthy, leafy landscape and low carbon footprint.
  • The proud flagship of the entire borough of Milton Keynes.

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About the CMK referendum

Since CMK is a commercial area, there will be two separate referendums – one for residents and one for businesses.

If you are resident who is registered to vote in the local and national elections, you are eligible to vote in the referendum.  If you are a business based in Milton Keynes, you must complete and return registration documents by 21 April.  Please contact the Elections Officer at Milton Keynes Council for more information (

Find out more about voting in this historic referendum.

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