CMK Vision Unveilled

Plan unveiled - MK Citizen Article 2012

23 October 2012 – MK Citizen

An alliance of businesses and residents in Milton Keynes have pieced together a blueprint for how they would like the new city’s central district to develop until 2026.

The CMK Alliance vision includes a prime site for an expanded university campus, a new Market Hall for independent retailers, in addition to the outdoor market, and a CMK Shuttle service to zip around the inner grid system.

The Milton Keynes Business Neighbourhood Plan is a first in the country and has Whitehall bigwigs watching every stage.

“We now have the roadmap and a clear direction, but this is no time to sit back and relax,” said Rebecca Kurth, who chairs CMK Town Council. “Many town centres across Britain are in decline so we have to keep moving forward, and this is where we need the public to stay involved and continue the journey.”

Read the article in Milton Keynes Citizen.

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