Milton Keynes referendum on 7th May 2015
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Milton Keynes Referendum 2015

There will be two separate referendums – one for residents and one for businesses


  • Anyone on register can vote

    Anyone on the electoral register who lives in the borough of Milton Keynes can vote, either by postal vote or at the polling stations on May 7th. Businesses based in MK also get to vote as long as they have already registered with MK Council (cut off date 21 April).  Please contact the Elections Officer at Milton Keynes Council for more information (

  • Polling Day

    MK-wide referendum is on Election Day: Thursday, 7th May 2015

  • Referendum Question

    You’ll be given a grey ballot paper with the heading ‘Business Referendum’. Don’t be put off! It’s the same heading for businesses and residents. The actual question on the ballot is:  “Do you want Milton Keynes Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Central Milton Keynes to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”  (Please vote YES!)

  • Where to vote?

    Voting is at your usual Polling Station (address and map shown on your Poll Card). The ballot for the referendum will be handed to you along with ballots for the local and national elections.

  • By Post

    If you are registered for a postal vote, you will receive the ballot for the referendum when the other ballots are posted to you ahead of Election Day.

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