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Executive Summary

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Chapter 1: Introduction

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Chapter 2: Understanding CMK

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Chapter 3: Vision, Principles & Objectives

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Chapter 4: Opportunities & Challenges

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Chapter 5: Economic Strategy & Quality of Place

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Chapter 6: Spatial Strategy

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Chapter 7: Transport and Parking Strategy

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Chapter 8: General Policies

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Chapter 9: Site-specific Policies

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Chapter 10: Access, Transport & Parking Policies

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Chapter 11: Proposals Plan

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Chapter 12: Implementation

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Chapter 13: Monitoring Framework

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We’re all part of a greater team: Team MK. CMK is a key player. That’s why I support this plan.

Pete WinkelmanChairman, MKDons

Local people know what’s best for their area, not the Council.  That’s why I’m voting yes in the referendum.


The city centre is just chains stores.  It needs more character.  That’s what I like about the Plan – trying to put more heart and soul into CMK.

ResidentDownhead Park