UPDATE: Referendum passes with massive yes vote!

Carole Mills, Chief Exec of MK Council and Returning Officer, with Tim Skelton, Vote Yes CMK group

Just after 7.00pm Friday evening (8 May), after a long count of close to 5 hours, the results of the residential referendum were announced at StadiumMK:  84% voted ‘yes’ (89,801 residents) and 16% voted ‘no’ (17,133).  There were 6,454 unmarked or spoilt ballot papers.  The turn-out was high, at 61%.

Whilst the electorate for the business referendum was much smaller, 88.3% voted ‘yes’ (356 registered businesses) and 11.7% voted ‘no’ (47) with just 1 blank ballot paper.  The turn-out here was even higher, at 63.8%.

See official returning officer’s declaration for residential results here and business results here.

Thanks to everyone for their massive support and for spreading the word about this exciting new plan for the future of CMK!

Here’s a short video about the plan

(scroll down to find out more)

“We’re all part of a greater team: Team MK.  And CMK is a key player. That’s why I support this pioneering plan.”

Pete Winkelman
Pete WinkelmanChair, MKDons

Vote YES to protect our grid roads

Vote YES to protect our green open spaces

Vote YES to the plan made by local people (not MK Council)