Quick Guide to Referendum by MK News

MK News article 6 May

“On election day on May 7 you will be fully aware that you are voting for a political candidate to represent you,” write James Averill in MK News (6 May).

“What you might not know is that you are taking part in a referendum as well, and the first of its kind as well.”

…Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan for CMK?

“It gives a clear direction for how residents and businesses want to see the city centre develop over the coming years. Neighbourhood plans essentially make planning more representative of what residents want rather than developers, lending trust to people who know the area the best.

“Additionally, the current planning documents for CMK were prepared more than a decade ago, and are considerably outdated.

Read the whole article here, which gives a simple and concise summary of the plan and referendum.

PLEASE NOTE that the plan is not ‘proposing’ 5,000 new homes – they’re coming anyway. It’s a fixed Gov’t target. The plan ensures that with the new homes, residents get much needed community amenities, e.g. health clinic, children’s play areas, community spaces, better parking etc.


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